PPTs for International Training Workshop on Integrated Sediment Management in River Basin (Beijing, China, Nov. 5-10, 2018)
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Lecture Notes (in pdf) for the ISI Training Workshop



 Title of Lectures


Prof. Manfred Spreafico 的图像结果

Prof. Manfred Spreafico

Chairman, International Sediment Initiative – IHP – UNESCO (ISI)

Emeritus Professor

Institute of Geography

University of Berne



Reservoir sedimentation and sediment management

 04-Spreafico-Peking 2018,Unterlage,Reservoir Sedimentation and Sediment Management,.pdf


Prof. Des. Walling

ISI Advisory Group

Past President of WASER

Emeritus Professor

Department of Geography, University of Exeter



The impact of Global Change on the sediment loads of the world’s rivers

 01-Walling-Beijing Sediment Management Training Workshop, Nov. 2018.updated pptx.pdf


Prof. Zhao-Yin Wang

ISI Expert Group

President of World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research (WASER)


Tsinghua University, China


Integrated sediment management in river basins: strategies and experience in China

 03-01-Wang-Flood and sediment of the YR.pdf

03-02-Wang-Vegetation dynamics-2006.pdf


Prof. Rui Li

President of World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC)


Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences  & Ministry of Water Resources; NWUAF, China


Overview of Soil and Water Conservation in the World







Dr. Mengzhen Xu


Tsinghua University



Sediment-related ecological problems and their control

 05-XuMengzhen-Sediment related ecological problems-R2send.pdf


Dr. Thomas Hoffmann

International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change

under the auspices of UNESCO




Sediment monitoring in Germany: implications for managing sediment-related ecological problems in developing countries


Dr. Anil Mishra

Programme Specialist, Section on Hydrological Systems and Global Change, International Hydrological Programme (IHP), UNESCO/Division of Water Sciences, member of ISI Advisory Group;


2030 Development Agenda and International Hydrological Program (IHP)


Presentation file for the ISI Advisory-Expert Groups Meeting (Beijing, November 6, 2018)


Ms. Maria Ubierna Aparicio (IHA): World Hydropower Congress 2019 Programme Bruchure

 WHC 2019 Programme brochure_121018.pdf


Presentation files for the seminar of country presentations(November 8, 2018) 

 Ishraga Osman  (Sudan): Sedimentation and mitigation measures in Sudan  01Sediment problems in Sudan1.pdf

 Anas Khlifi  (Morocco): Sediment Problems and Management In Morocco  02Sedimentation.pdf
 Christine Omuombo  (Kenya): Sedimentation and Soil Water Conservation in the Tana River basin, Kenya  03UNESCO_PRESENTATION_2018_Omuombo.pdf
 Leodinous Mwebembezi  (Uganda): Sediment Problems in Uganda Case of Manafwa River Basin  04Sediment Problem in Uganda.pdf
 Farshid Amiryazdani  (Iran): A look at the erosion and sediment situation in Iran  05iran.pdf
 Apip  (Indonesia – Citarum River Basin): Quantification of Sediment Yield and Potential Sources of Erosion/Deposition in the Upper Citarum Basin, Indonesia Using A Distributed Rainfall-Runoff-Sediment Model  06Apip_LIPI_Indonesia_ok.pdf
 Nergui  Soninkhishig  (Mongolia): Seminar of country presentations and discussion (MONGOLIA)  07SedimentTraining2018_11_08.pdf

 Lanhua Niu  (China – The Three Gorges Dam): Sediment problem and management of the Three Gorges Project

 08sediment problems and sediment management of TGP(Niulh,Beijing).pdf




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