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Sediment Budgets 1 (Proceedings of symposium S1 held during the 7th IAHS Scientific Assembly in Apr
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Sediment Budgets 1 & 2

A pair of edited proceedings were produced for an IAHS ICCE symposium co-sponsored by UNESCO, held in April 2005 at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, a contribution to the International Sedimentation Initiative (ISI) of the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP VI). The contents of both are listed overleaf; the preface and abstracts of the papers in each can be seen at


A sediment budget provides an integrated view of the sediment sources, transfers, sinks and outputs of a drainage basin, and in so doing draws together the many different aspects of erosion, and sediment mobilization, transport, storage, and yield. Several key developments have influenced recent sediment budget investigations:

  • increasing awareness of the environmental implications of increased sediment loads in rivers and of the need for effective sediment management and control strategies.
  • advances in the techniques and models available for establishing and predicting catchment sediment budgets including use of 137Cs, 210Pb and 7Be as sediment tracers; continuous recording of suspended sediment flux; application of distributed modelling, remote sensing, and GIS
  • recognition of the need to quantify sediment-associated chemical fluxes.

The papers reviewed and edited for these volumes exemplify these developments internationally.

Sediment Budgets 1
Edited by Des E. Walling &
Arthur J. Horowitz

Publ. 291 (2005)

ISBN 1-901502-87-2; + 372 + xii pp.

Price £63.00

Volume 1 focuses on the main components of the sediment budget:

Sediment mobilization and sources

– Sediment transport and transfer

– Sediment storage

– Sediment yields

Sediment Budgets 2
Edited by Arthur J. Horowitz &
Des E. Walling

Publ. 292 (2005)

ISBN 1-901502-92-9; + 358 + xii pp.

Price £63.00

Volume 2 emphasizes the value of sediment budgets in providing an integrating framework, for both scientific investigations and environmental management:

Sediment budgets

– Modelling sediment budgets and their components

– Human impact on sediment budgets

– Sediment problems and sediment management strategies


by Des E. Walling & Arthur J. Horowitz



Sediment Mobilization and Sediment Sources


The sediment budgets of cultivated slopes and slope catchments: an evaluation of the influence of slope morphology
Valentin Golosov & Leonid Litvin


Human-accelerated soil redistribution within an intensively cultivated dry valley catchment in southern European Russia
Vladimir R. Belyaev, Valentin N. Golosov, Nadezhda N. Ivanova, Maxim V. Markelov & Elvira V. Tishkina


Etude du ruissellement et du transport solide dans les Monts de Beni-Chougrane, Algérie: utilisation de la simulation de pluie
Mohamed Meddi, Yahia Boukhari & Bouddkhil Morsli


Sediment production by landslides in Hong Kong: two case studies
M. R. Peart, J. P. King & M. E. Ruse


Post-eruption sediment budget of a small catchment on the Miyakejima volcano, Japan
Satoshi Tagata, Takao Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro Doi, Katsuo Sasahara, Haruo Nishimoto & Hiroshi Nagura


The organic carbon dynamics of a small catchment in the humid tropics
J. R. Ndam-Ngoupayou, J. L. Boeglin, J. L. Probst, J. J. Braun, M. Meybeck & G. Nkoue Ndondo


Contributions of authigenic iron compounds to fluvial suspended sediment concentrations and fluxes in the Nete sub-basin, Belgium
Elin Vanlierde, Jan De Schutter, Joris F. A. Meys, Frank Mostaert & Patric Jacobs


A comparison of erosion rates obtained using the 137Cs technique and direct measurements on runoff plots
Vladia Correchel, Osny Oliveira Santos Bacchi, Isabella Clerici De Maria, Sonia Carmella Falci Dechen & Klaus Reichard


The pattern of soil redistribution along a transect in the central Ebro basin (NE Spain) and its controls
Ana Navas, Desmond E. Walling, Timothy A. Quine, Javier Machin & Jesus Soto


Interpreting 137Cs depth profiles with no single peak in lake deposits in China
Xinbao Zhang, Xiubin He & Yongqing Qi


Riverbank erosion and its importance to uncertainties in large-scale sediment budgets
Ronald De Rose, David J. Wilson, Rebecca Bartley & Scott Wilkinson


Identification of sediment sources in a small grazed Sahelian catchment, Burkina Faso
Harouna Karambiri & Olivier Ribolzi


Using environmental radionuclides to elucidate sediment sources within a small drainage basin in the Polish Flysch Carpathians
Wojciech Froehlich & Des E. Walling


Investigating sediment sources within a small catchment in southern Italy
Paolo Porto, Des E. Walling & Giovanni Callegari


Suspended sediment sources in British rivers
D. E. Walling & A. L. Collins


Fluvial contribution to the sediment budget of the Tay Estuary, Scotland, assessed using mineral magnetic fingerprinting
Pierre A. Jenkins, Robert W. Duck & John S. Rowan



Sediment Transport and Transfer


Impacts of wildfire on effective sediment particle size: implications for post-fire sediment budgets
William H. Blake, Ian G. Droppo, Peter J. Wallbrink, Stefan H. Doerr, Richard A. Shakesby & Geoffrey S. Humphreys


Estimation of the concentration of suspended solids in rivers from turbidity measurement: error assessment
Edmilson Costa Teixeira & Paulo Cezar Caliari


Transport des matières en suspension au Cameroun dans un contexte hydroclimatique déficitaire
Gaston Lienou, Gil Mahé, Eric Servat, Rodrigue Tegofack, Joseph Sahagu, Jacob Nwalal, Issa, Jean-Claude Olivry & Georges Emmanuel Ekodeck


Investigations of the sediment budget of a reach of the Yellow River in the Loess Plateau
Jueyi Sui, Peter Jackson & Daxian Fang


The relationship between suspended and bed load transport in river channels
Zygmunt Babiński


Bankfull and bed load effective discharge in a steep boulder-bed channel
L. Mao, F. Comiti, A. Andreoli, M. A. Lenzi & G. R. Scussel


Bed load transport described by a one-dimensional gamma functions model
Geraldo Wilson Júnior


Investigating sediment cascades using field measurements and spatial modelling
Michael Becht, Florian Haas, Tobias Heckmann & Volker Wichmann


The effect of rainfall intensity on sediment transport in a scoria-rich river on Miyakejima Island, Japan
Yasuhiro Doi, Katsuo Sasahara, Takao Yamakoshi & Haruo Nishimoto


A new series of sediment collectors for developing bed load sediment budgets and restoring streams
David A. Braatz & Randall L. Tucker


Hydrological and instrumentation aspects of monitoring and analysing suspended sediment transport crossing international borders
G. Schindl, M. Studnicka, A. Eckelhart & W. Summer



Sediment Storage


A suspended sediment budget for the Liu River basin, China
Haoming Fan & Qiangguo Cai


Variations spatio-temporelles du bilan sédimentaire dans le bassin Amazonien Brésilien, à partir d’un échantillonnage décadaire
Alain Laraque, Naziano Filizola & Jean Loup Guyot


Storage of fine-grained sediment and associated contaminants within the channels of lowland permeable catchments in the UK
Adrian L. Collins, Desmond E. Walling & Graham J. L. Leeks


The use of high-resolution field laser scanning for mapping surface topography in fluvial systems
George Heritage & David Hetherington


Daily fine sediment dynamics on an active Alpine glacier outwash plain
David Hetherington, George Heritage & David Milan


Sediment deposition in riparian ecosystems evaluated by different methods
Gerd Sparovek, Osny Oliveira Santos Bacchi, Miguel Cooper, Joseline Filippe, Vladia Correchel & Carlos Eduardo Pinto Juhasz


Sedimentation rates in the Corumbataí River basin, Brazil, derived from 210Pb measurements
Daniel Marcos Bonotto, Kelly Yaeko Miyashiro De Almeida & Sammy Sampaio Sieber


Sediment accumulation determined with 210Pb geochronology for Strickland River flood plains, Papua New Guinea
Rolf Aalto & William Dietrich


The role of flood plains in the hydrology and sediment dynamics of the Amazon River, Brazil
Laurence Maurice-Bourgoin, Jean-Michel Martinez, Julien Grélaud, Naziano Filizola & Geraldo Resende Boaventura



Sediment Yield


The sediment budgets of hill reservoirs in small catchments in North Africa and the Middle East
Jean Albergel, Jean Collinet, Yannick Pépin, Patrick Zante, Slah Nasri, Mohamed Boufaroua, Abdallah Droubi & Abdelaziz Merzouk


Erosion of deposits from the pyroclastic flow that occurred on Mt Merapi, Indonesia in July 1998
Katsuo Sasahara, Masanori Kaneko, Masanobu Takeuchi, Noriyuki Minami & Subarkah


Sediment yield scale dependency in the River Eden basin, northwest England
James Bathurst, Paul Quinn, Jérémie Gravier, Jenny Orange, Pascal Vivier & Silke Vogel


Régime et bilan du flux sédimentaire de l’Amazone à Óbidos (Pará, Brésil) de 1995 à 2003
Jean Loup Guyot, Naziano Filizola & Alain Laraque


Suspended sediment fluxes in the large river basins of Brazil
Jorge Enoch Furquim Werneck Lima, Walszon Terllizzie Araújo Lopes, Newton de Oliveira Carvalho, Maurrem Ramon Vieira & Euzebio Medrado da Silva


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