Moving Sediment Management Forward - The Four SedNet Messages (SedNet)
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Moving Sediment Management Forward - The Four SedNet Messages

SedNet started in 2002 as a Thematic Network on contaminated sediment, funded by the European Commission. Since 2005, SedNet has continued independently with partners from organisations representing science, management and administration. SedNet broadened its scope to cover all aspects of sediment, from the river to the sea.
During the last decade SedNet has organised eight international conferences. Two Round Table events brought together international experts from several European river basins.
Based on this experience and associated discussions, the SedNet core group identified four key messages related to sediment management and these are presented in the brochure “
Moving Sediment Management Forward” (pdf).
The four key messages can be condensed to one overarching message: Sediments are an integral part of nature and aquatic systems; they are an important resource which needs protection and targeted management.
This brochure was prepared to promote the four key messages at European and national level. The reader is encouraged to make use of it. Enjoy reading the brochure, and SedNet will be happy to discuss sediment management directly with you!
Case studies which exemplify the key messages can be found here:
Case Danube (pdf)
Case Elbe (pdf)
Case Meuse (pdf)
Case Rhine (pdf)
Case Venice Lagoon (pdf)
Dredged Material Management (pdf)
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