Integrated Physical and Ecological Management of Rivers - with Particular Reverence to the East Riv
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Integrated Physical and Ecological Management of Rivers - with Particular Reverence to the East River

Within the framework of the UNESCO's Intergovernmental Programme for the IHP-VI activities, the above mentioned project, with 2 year duration of 2006-2007, has been jointly supported by the UNESCO Office Beijing, the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of People's Republic of China, and executed by the IRTCES. Integrated management of the East River is of foremost importance in sustaining the development of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. However, an integrated understanding is lacking on key water environment issues relevant to river dynamics, water quality, river ecology, river-coast interaction and trans-boundary environmental material flows. 

The purpose of the study is to contribute the integrated river basin management under Eco-hydrology by increasing awareness of eco-hydrology approach, promoting sustainable integrated river basin management and advising on policy development implementation.

The final rechnical report will cover the following topics:

  • Meteorological condition
  • Hydrology and sedimentation
  • Characteristics of floods
  • Water resources and water environment
  • Vegetation development and soil erosion
  • River channel
  • Bio-community
  • Analysis on ecological stresses induced by human activities
  • Integrated river basin management stragegy

Full Report (pdf) (will be available soon)

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