New Zealand experiences high levels of soil erosion: survey
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WELLINGTON, March 27 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand experiences high levels of soil erosion due to steep terrain, high rainfall and earthquakes, according to the statistics department Stats NZ on Wednesday.

About 60 percent of New Zealand's highly erodible land located in the North Island in 2022, though the North Island comprises only 43 percent of New Zealand's total land area, Stats NZ said, adding that the findings are consistent with those reported in 2019, although they are based on higher resolution data to 2022.

Soil erosion can impact land productivity, water quality, the natural shape of the land and infrastructure, said Stats NZ environment and agricultural statistics senior manager Stuart Jones.

Using modelled data from Landcare Research, the indicators show long-term soil erosion levels, and the amount of land at risk of landslide, earthflow erosion and gully erosion.

Of all New Zealand regions, Gisborne, a city on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, had the highest proportion of its land classified as highly erodible land, which was 15 percent, or 1,280 square km, in 2022, Jones said, adding that Gisborne also had the second highest amount of eroded soil washed into waterways, which was 36 million tons, in 2022.

Hot spots of high landslide risk where sediment is washed into streams were identified in many areas across New Zealand, he said, adding that the Gisborne region had the highest proportion of very likely hot spots for high landslide risk where 47 percent of sediment is washed into streams.

The North Island also experienced the extreme weather events of Cyclones Hale and Gabrielle in early 2023, which was not covered by the survey of 2022.

(Source: Xinhua)

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