Papers Published in the International Journal of Sediment Research Volume 39, No.1, 2024
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Volume 39, Issue 1

Pages 1-164 (February 2024)

A holistic view of aquatic ecosystems: Integrating health and integrity, network, stability, and regime shift assessments

Lei Huang, Jia-Nan Meng, Fuliu Xu, Ya Zhou, ... Hongwei Fang
Pages 1-14

Effects of sample preparation methods on measured characteristics of marine and fluvial sediment

Pages 15-27

Review of methods of sediment detection in reservoirs

Pages 28-43

The role of waves in the resuspension and transport of fine sediment and mine tailings from the Fund?o Dam failure, Doce River, Brazil

Pages 44-60

Quantitative definition of Shields criterion for incipient sediment motion

Pages 61-69

Environmental radioactivity, radiological hazards, and trace elements assessment of nearshore sediment in the Bay of Bengal

Pages 70-82

Spatiotemporal variability in the C-factor: An analysis using high resolution satellite imagery

Pages 83-99

Effects of the angle between the rock strata and slope on flow hydraulics and sediment yield in karst trough valley: Laboratory scour experiment

Pages 100-109

Multi-method characterization of the recent sediment from the Dibi subsidence lake in the tropical Adamawa region (central Cameroon): Implications for the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction

Pages 110-130

Long-term evolution of meandering channel planforms in response to the mean annual flow and width–depth ratio

Pages 131-143

An improved method for sand wave morphology discrimination in rivers by combining a flow resistance law and support vector machines

Pages 144-152

A new approach to simulate watershed sediment graphs

Pages 153-164

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