Contents of ISWCR (Vol. 10, No.2, 2022)
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Volume 10, Issue 2 Pages 161-342 (June 2022)


Global analysis of cover management and support practice factors that control soil erosion and conservation

Kindiye Ebabu, Atsushi Tsunekawa, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Mitsuru Tsubo, ... Jean Poesen

Pages 161-176


Modeling hydrologic responses using multi-site and single-site rainfall generators in a semi-arid watershed

Ying Zhao, Mark A. Nearing, David Phillip Guertin

Pages 177-187


Conservation management decreases surface runoff and soil erosion

Xuan Du, Jinshi Jian, Can Du, Ryan D. Stewart

Pages 188-196


Runoff and sediment yield in relation to precipitation, temperature and glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau

Fan Zhang, Chen Zeng, Guanxing Wang, Li Wang, Xiaonan Shi

Pages 197-207


Determination of runoff coefficient (C) in catchments based on analysis of precipitation and flow events

Ronalton Evandro Machado, Tais Oliveira Cardoso, Matheus Henrique Mortene

Pages 208-216


Drivers of soil erosion and subsurface loss by soil leakage during karst rocky desertification in SW China

Xudong Peng, Quanhou Dai

Pages 217-227


Responses of flood peaks to land use and landscape patterns under extreme rainstorms in small catchments - A case study of the rainstorm of Typhoon Lekima in Shandong, China

Yuanhao Liu, Jianqiao Han, Juying Jiao, Baoyuan Liu, ... Fei Wang

Pages 228-239


Multi-temporal modeling of road-induced overland flow alterations in a terraced landscape characterized by shallow landslides

Luca Mauri, Eugenio Straffelini, Paolo Tarolli

Pages 240-253


Using a modified PAP/RAC model and GIS-for mapping water erosion and causal risk factors: Case study of the Asfalou watershed, Morocco

Jad Tahouri, Abdelhamid Sadiki, L'houcine Karrat, Verner Carl Johnson, ... Hsiang Te Kung

Pages 254-272


Overland flow resistance and its components for slope surfaces covered with gravel and grass

Lan Ma, Chengzhong Pan, Jingjing Liu

Pages 273-283


Synergetic variations of active layer soil water and salt in a permafrost-affected meadow in the headwater area of the Yellow River, northeastern Qinghai–Tibet plateau

Qingfeng Wang, Huijun Jin, Ziqiang Yuan, Chengsong Yang

Pages 284-292


Augmenting freshwater availability in mountain headwater streams: Assessing the sustainability under baseline and future climate change scenarios

Bisrat Ayalew Yifru, Il-Moon Chung, Min-Gyu Kim, Sun Woo Chang

Pages 293-307


Runoff and nutrient losses in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L) production with tied-ridge-furrow rainwater harvesting on sloping land

Qi Wang, Fuchun Li, Xiaole Zhao, Wucheng Zhao, ... Jin Chen

Pages 308-323


Study on phosphorus loss and influencing factors in the water source area

Rongjia Wang, Chunju Cai, Jianfeng Zhang, Shiyong Sun, Handan Zhang

Pages 324-334


Biochar derived from agricultural wastes and wood residues for sustainable agricultural and environmental applications

Saowanee Wijitkosum

Pages 335-341



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