UNESCO Executive Appointments
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Xing Qu (China), Ernesto Renato Ottone Ramírez (Chile), Stefania Giannini (Italy), Moez Chakchouk (Tunisia)  

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Paris, 29 March- UNESCO’s Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, announced the nomination of four new members of the Senior Management Team of the Organization.


  • Mr Xing Qu (China, 61 years old) as Deputy Director General.Former President of the Institute of International Studies of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009-2014), he was Ambassador of China to Belgium from 2014.


  • Ms Stefania Giannini (Italy, 57 years old) as Assistant Director-General for Education. Former Italian Minister of Education, Universities and Research (2014-2016), she was adviser to the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Carlos Moedas since October 2017.

    Stefania Giannini女士(意大利,57岁)担任教育助理总干事。意大利教育、大学和研究部前部长(2014-2016),201710月起担任欧盟执委会研究与创新委员Carlos Moedas的顾问。

  • Mr Ernesto Renato Ottone Ramirez (Chile, 45 years old) as Assistant Director-General for Culture. Former Minister of Culture and the Arts of Chile (2015-2018), he chaired Regional Centre for the Promotion of Books in Latin America and the Caribbean (2016 – 2017).

    Ernesto Renato Ottone Ramirez先生(智利,45岁)担任文化助理总干事。智利文化艺术部前部长(2015-2018),2016-2017年任拉美和加勒比地区图书推广中心主席。

  • Mr Moez Chakchouk (Tunisia, 42 years old) as Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information. Former Commissioner for the Global Commission on Internet Governance (2014-2016) and President Director-General of the Tunisian Internet Agency (2011-2015), since 2015 he has served as President Director-General of the Tunisian Post.

    Moez Chakchouk先生(突尼斯,42岁)担任信息和传播助理总干事。前互联网全球治理委员会专员(2014-2016)和突尼斯网络署总干事(2011-2015),自2015年起担任突尼斯邮政主席。


They will take up their respective duties in the coming weeks.


They join the direction of the Organization, which currently includes Ms. Flavia Schlegel (Switzerland), Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences; Vladimir Ryabinin (Russia), Assistant Director-General and Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission; Ms. Nada Al-Nashif (Jordan), Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences and Mr. Firmin Edouard Matoko (Congo), Assistant Director-General of the Africa Department. 

在此之前,本组织管理层成员包括:自然科学助理总干事Flavia Schlegel女士(瑞士)、政府间海洋学委员会助理总干事兼执行秘书Vladimir Ryabinin(俄罗斯)、社会和人文科学助理总干事Nada Al-Nashif女士(约旦)和非洲事务助理总干事Firmin Edouard Matoko先生(刚果)。

On the occasion of these appointments, the Director-General said: "The arrival of these four individuals to UNESCO’s Senior Management Team fully aligns with dynamic that I intend to instil in our Organization. The quality of their professional careers and their diversity are real assets for UNESCO and reflect our ambition to be at the crossroads of cultures to build peace. "


The Director-General, former Deputy Director-General, finally thanked Mr Getachew Engida, warmly for his commitment to UNESCO and expressed her appreciation of the work done in recent years in the Organization by the previous Assistant Directors-Generals.

最后,总干事衷心感谢前副总干事Getachew Engida先生对教科文组织的付出,并对几位前任助理总干事近年来在本组织所做的工作表示谢意。


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