Yellow River feeds water to rivers across Shanxi (China)
Author: 系统管理员Source: Updated: 2017-06-28

Shanxi province started a water supply project for Sanggan River and Yongding River on June 17 by diverting water from the Yellow River.

Through the Wanjiazhai reservoir at the intersection of Shanxi and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the water project is expected to supply water of around 100 million cubic meters to Sanggan River in 2017 with supply being stopped during periods of heavy rainfall.

The water from the Yellow River is of good quality, meeting the standard of surface water for drinking and domestic purposes.

Apart from guaranteeing the water supply for industrial and agricultural use, the excess water will be directed into Cetian reservoir in Datong county, Shanxi, and be discharged to downstream areas when necessary so as to maintain the basic water flow of Yongding River.

Sanggan River, whose drainage area in Shanxi reaches 18,600 square kilometers, is a vital source of Yongding River which runs across Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Shanxi province, Hebei province, Beijing and Tianjin municipalities, accounting for 40 percent of the drainage area of Yongding River.

The project will help improve the environment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and advance regional integrated development. (Source: China Daily)

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