FRIEND 2018 - International Conference on African Large River Basin Hydrology (Algeria, May 6-9, 2018)
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Date: May 6-9, 2018

Venue: Blida, Algeria

Summary: The FRIEND 2018 - International Conference on African Large River Basin Hydrology will be organized in Blida, Algeria on 06 & 09 May 2018. WASER is one of Co-sponsors of the conference, and WASER members will enjoy a discounted registration fee for participation in the conference.    The Conference is organized under the UNESCO's FRIEND WATER program, within the International Hydrological Program. It contributes to the regional water resources research development, global change, hydrological cycle, education and capacity building. The aim of this program is to determine the impacts of climate and human activities on the spatial and temporal evolution of water resources from the analysis of long-term hydrological variables changes. For more than 30 years, it has brought together the hydrological expert community working on the deepening and popularization of knowledge in regional hydrology. This third International Conference on the hydrology of African Large River Basins will focus special attention to strategies for the sound management, rational use and protection of water resources, based on technical and scientific tools. Through the various themes proposed, the conference will allow the academic community, researchers and managers, to exchange experiences and knowledge on the means that can be implemented to better optimize and better manage water in the ecosystems.

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Prof. MEDDI Mohamed,

Dr. AMMARI Abdelhadi

Higher National School of Hydraulics.

BP 31, 09000 Blida, Algeria.

Tel : 213 (0) 25 39 94 47

Fax : 213 (0) 25 39 89 71

Mail : ;
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