International Workshop – Erosion, Transport and Deposition of Sediments
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From: 2008-04-28 to 2008-04-30

Venue:  Main building of the University of Berne
Kuppelraum, Room 501
Hochschulstrasse 4
CH 3012 Bern

Background: The International Sediment Initiative (ISI) is a UNESCO-programme, which has been set-up in September 2004. The mission of ISI is to organize and promote international information exchange and provide direct access to policy makers in Member States, while activating scientific and professional communities in all regions and countries concerned. ISI will promote the elaboration and monitoring of sediment data to develop appropriate methods and procedures in sediment management. The main activities and projects of ISI are: review of erosion and sediment-related research, global evaluation of sediment transport, setting-up of an erosion and sediment information system, development of case studies for large river basins, networking with other institutions in the field of sediments and education and capacity building. The International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine Basin (CHR) is a cooperation of scientific institutions from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the field of hydrology. The mission of the CHR is the expansion of the hydrological knowledge in the Rhine basin as well as the support of decision making in sustainable water resources management by solving of cross-border problems. CHR aims at the joint development of know-how and equipment for observation, quantification and forecasting of sediment transport.

Objectives of the workshop:
− To present a state-of-the-art of sediment related problems
− To discuss present and future problems in relation to sediment management.
− To exchange knowledge about erosion, transport and deposition of sediment.
− To detect and discuss research needs.
− To discuss and solve specific problems in a Swiss alpine catchment area.
The International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine Basin (CHR) invites scientists, researchers, decision makers, consulting experts and stakeholders in the field of sediment management to discuss these issues during a three day workshop.

Organisers and sponsors: The invitation to the event is issued by the International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine Basin (CHR) in cooperation with UNESCO International Hydrological Program / International Sediment Initiative, the University of Berne and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

Co-sponsors: Hydrologic Commission of Switzerland & National IHP-secretariats of the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland

For further information about CHR and about the workshop, please visit our website at

Coordination committee
• Manfred Spreafico (chair) Federal Office for the Environment CH-3003 Bern Tel. 0041-31-324 7667
• Dieter Rickenmann Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL Zuercherstrasse 111 CH-8903 Birmensdorf Tel. 0041-44-793 2429
• Hans Peter Nachtnebel University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Institute of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering Muthgasse 18 A-1190 Vienna Tel: 0043-1-36006 5501
• Emil Gölz Federal Institute of Hydrology Postfach 200253 D-56002 Coblence Tel. 0049-261-1306 5412
• Andreas Krein Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann 41, rue du Brill L-4422 Belvaux Tel. 00352-470261461
• Eric Sprokkereef Secretariat CHR P.O. Box 9072 NL-6800 ED Arnhem Tel. 0031-26-3688367

For further information, please contact either the CHR/KHR secretariat or one of the members of the coordination committee.

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