NEWSLETTER (No.13 June 26, 2009)
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²  Seminar on Global Climate Change and Water Resources held for IRTCES Silver Jubilee celebration

²  Iceland President Meets with IWHR President (Director of IRTCES)

²  The Third Yangtze Forum opened in Shanghai, China

²  Catalan rivers suffer from sediment accumulation (Spain)

²  Fox River Grove dredges harbor (USA)

²  Half of Banten's coastline suffers from erosion (Indonesia)

²  Soil erosion slows along China's Yellow River

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Conference Report

²  The 3rd Yangtze Forum Held in Shanghai, 20-21, April, 2009



²  Papers Published in Issue 2, Volume 22, 2009, IJSR

²  IHP technical document “Erosion and sediment dynamics from catchment to coast”

²  ISI Brochure (2009 Version)

²  Publications in ISI Information System


Coming Events

²  IRTCES Silver Jubilee Celebration and Seminar on Integrated River Basin Management under Global Climate Change (Beijing, July 29, 2009)

²  International Advanced Training Workshop on Integrated River Basin Management (Beijing, July27-Aug. 2, 2009)

²  11th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Stellenbosch, South Africa, 6-9, Sep. 2010)

²  3rd International Conference on Estuaries & Coasts (Japan, September 14-16, 2009)

²  Workshop on 'Sediment problems and sediment management in Asian river basins'

²  Global Change-Challenges for Soil Management(Serbia,  May 27- 30, 2009)

²  34th IAHR Biennial Congress (Australia, 26 June-1 July 2011)

²  12th International Symposium on the Interactions between Sediments and Water (Dartington, England, 19-23 June 2011)

²  A conference of the World Organisation of Dredging Associations (Beijing, China, 9–14 Sept. 2010)

²  Third International Conference on Debris Flow (24 - 26 May 2010, Milano, Italy)


²  5th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts (Singapore, 13-16 October, 2009)

²  More Coming Events in ISI Website

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