International Workshop on Sediment Management in Water Resources and Hydropowre Projects (Aug. 18 ?
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World Bank - IRTCES





In Water Resources and Hydropower Projects

Beijing and Yichang, China, August 18 ?nbsp;22, 2014



Aug. 18: Opening (pictures of original resolution are available)


Prof. Duihu Ning: Deputy Director of the IRTCES

Mr. Pravin Karki: Senior Hydropower Specialist, South Asia - Sustainable Development - Energy, World Bank

Dr George Annandale: Trainer


Aug. 18-19: Lecture Session (pictures of original resolution are available)


Dr Gregory L. Morris has over 40 years of consulting experience in over 20 countries addressing a wide variety of water resource issues, with particular focus on fluvial hydraulics and sedimentation. He has been instrumental in recognizing the need for sustainable engineering and has focused extensive professional effort in this field. As a practicing engineer, he has led the design of intakes, reservoirs and other fluvial structures that minimize sedimentation problems, in addition to the preparation of numerous consultancy investigations. He is lead author of Reservoir Sedimentation Handbook, now available in PDF format at

Dr George Annandale has over 40 years of experience as a civil engineer specializing in water resources engineering, fluvial hydraulics, design and engineering; reservoir and water supply management; and hydrology and hydraulics. He has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and is author, co-author and contributing author to seven books on sedimentation and scour. He is known for his expertise in reservoir sedimentation management, having authored one of the first books on this topic.

Dr Zhaoyin Wang is a Professor in the School of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, China. He is a leader in the field of erosion and sedimentation in watersheds, rivers, reservoirs and deltas. Currently, Prof. Wang serves as Chairman of the Advisory council of the International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation under the auspices of UNESCO and Vice President of the World Association of Sedimentation and Erosion Research.

Session 1: Rapid Assessment of Climate Change and Reservoir Sedimentation Effects on Reliability of Water Resource Infrastructure. George Annandale

Session 2: Erosion and sediment yield from watersheds including measurement techniques and data collection in rivers and reservoirs. Greg Morris

Session 3 Hydraulics of Sediment Transport and deposition in reservoirs. George Annandale

Session 4: Sediment and flood management of the Yellow River. Zhaoyin Wang

Session 5: Sediment Management Techniques I (Catchment Management, Sediment Routing). Greg Morris

Session 6: Sediment Management Techniques II (Sediment Removal). Zhaoyin Wang


Aug. 19: Presentation Session (pictures of original resolution are available)


Sediment Budget of the Yangtze River Basin                  By Xiongdong Zhou

Role of Sediment Management in Sustainable Reservoir Design and Operation: Challenges of Hydropower Development in Himalayas                    By Ajay Pradhan

Changes in Sediment Load of the Lancang-Mekong River and Its Response to the Hydro-Power Development                 By Cheng Liu

Sediment Measurement and its Management in Nepalese Hydropower Plants                 By Meg Bishwakarma, Surya Nath Bhurtyal and Surya Shrestha

Status of Water Resources in Myanmar and Sediment Issue in Major Rivers                 By Htun Lwin Oo and Toe Aung Lin
Recent Changes of Runoff and Sediment Loads of the Yangtze River                 By Cheng Liu
Rehabilitation Works of Pulangi IV He Plant Reservoir                 By Diogenes B. Esmade, Jr.
Dasu Hydropower Project                 By Tabassum Khurshid Ahmed
Uneven uplift of Himalaya and gravel storage in the Yarlutsangpo                 By Chendi Zhang



Aug. 20: Study Tour to IWHR (pictures of original resolution are available)


Daxing Experimental Base of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydro Power Research (IWHR): Laboratories of sediment research, hydraulic machinery, hydraulics, and irrigation and drainage


Aug. 18: Cutural Dinner (pictures of original resolution are available)

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