International Advanced Training Workshop on Integrated River Basin Management (Beijing, China, July
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The Advanced Training Workshop on Integrated River Basin Management was organized by the International Research and Training Centre on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES) in collaboration with UNESCO Beijing Office, on July 27-August 3, 2009, in Beijing, China. The workshop was sponsored by the International Sediment Initiative (ISI) of UNESCO-IHP and the Ministry of Water Resources of China, and co-sponsored by the World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research (WASER) and the Chinese National Committee for UNESCO-IHP. 51 participants from 18 countries including Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, DPRK, Hungary, India, Iran, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Romania, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, Uzbekistan and China attended the training workshop. Ten famous experts from China and Switzerland were invited to give lectures for training workshop. This is a largest training activity for its participants?number and countries involved among the training events carried out by IRTCES.
Dr. Prof. Hu Chunhong, Secretary General and vice director of IRTCES, Prof. M. Spreafico, Chairman of Steering Committee of the International Sedimentation Initiative (ISI) of UNESCO, Dr. Wang Zhaoyin, Professor of Tsinghua University, Chairman of Advisory Council of IRTCES presented at the opening ceremony and give warmly welcome speeches to all participants.

The Advanced Training Workshop on Integrated River Basin Management was conducted as a major activity of the International Sedimentation Initiative (ISI) of UNESCO for 2008-2009. It meets the fourth objective of ISI 揈ducation and capacity building for sustainable sediment management? The workshop is designed in fulfilling demands and needs for hydraulic engineers, managers, stakeholders and decision-makers in the countries interested in river basin management. For this purpose, the general objectives of the training workshop focused on theory of integrated river basin management, water resources management, water and soil conservation, knowledge of river ecology and methods restoration, as well as experience and information exchange.  In addition, IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level as new training materials were introduced by the secretariat of NARBO on the invitation of UNESCO. Through lectures, exchanges and one-day Lab. study the participants have improved their professional theory and knowledge of integrated river basin management, get much latest concepts and techniques, and information as well as establish linkage among participants. Due to the fact that the participants covered all level from technicians to professor a lot of discussion and know-how transfer have taken place.

On July 29, it met the day of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of IRTCES.  It was so happy all participants were invited to this important event, because the training workshop was also one of IRTCES Silver Jubilee celebrating activities series. (by TONG Yuling, IRTCES)

Training Materials, Presentations and More Pictures can be seen at:

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