Sampling Surface and Subsurface Particle-Size Distributions in Wadable Gravel- and Cobble-Bed Strea
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Sampling Surface and Subsurface Particle-Size Distributions in Wadable Gravel- and Cobble-Bed Streams for Analyses in Sediment Transport, Hydraulics, and Streambed Monitoring

Kristin Bunte
Steven R. Abt

Abstract _________________________________________
Bunte, Kristin; Abt, Steven R. 2001. Sampling surface and subsurface particle-size distributions
in wadable gravel- and cobble-bed streams for analyses in sediment transport, hydraulics, and
streambed monitoring. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-74. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department
of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 428 p.

This document provides guidance for sampling surface and subsurface sediment from
wadable gravel- and cobble-bed streams. After a short introduction to streams types and
classifications in gravel-bed rivers, the document explains the field and laboratory measurement
of particle sizes and the statistical analysis of particle-size distributions. Analysis of particle
parameters, including shape, density, and bulk density are also discussed. The document
describes the spatial variability of bed-material particle sizes as well as the horizontal and
vertical structure of particle deposits. The discussion of sampling procedures and equipment
helps the user to make appropriate selections that support the sampling objective. Sample-size
estimates may be obtained from empirical data or computed from statistical relationships
between sample size and accuracy. The document explains a variety of methods, their usage and
prerequisites. A detailed discussion of sampling schemes guides the user to select appropriate
spatial sampling patterns necessary to produce representative samples.
Keywords: Particle-size analysis, spatial variability of bed-material size, sampling procedures,
sampling equipment, sample size, spatial sampling schemes.

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