Introduction to Suspended-Sediment Sampling (USGS) (By K. Michael Nolan, John R. Gray, and G. Dougl
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Geological Survey
Scientific Investigations Report 2005-5077

Introduction to Suspended-Sediment Sampling

By K. Michael Nolan, John R. Gray, and G. Douglas Glysson


Knowledge of the amount and timing of sediment transport in streams is important to those directly or indirectly responsible for developing and managing water and land resources. Such data are often used to judge the health of watershed and the success or failure of activities designed to mitigate adverse impacts of sediment on streams and stream habitats. This training class presents an introduction to methods currently used by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to sample suspended-sediment concentrations in streams.

The presentation is narrated, but you control the pace of the presentation. If the computer you are using can view "MPEG" videos you will be able to take advantage of videos interspersed in the presentation. A test, found at the end of the presentation, can be taken to assess how well you understood the training material. The class, which is registered as class SW4416 with the National Training Center of the USGS, should take two or three hours to complete.

In order to use the presentation provided via this Web page, you will need to download a large disc images (linked below) and "burn" it to a blank CD-ROM using a CD-ROM recorder on your computer.

The presentation will only run on a Windows-based personal computer (PC). The presentation was developed using Macromedia Director MX 20041 and is contained in the file "SIR05-5077.exe" which should autolaunch. If it does not, the presentation can be started by double-clicking on the file name. A sound card and speakers are necessary to take advantage of narrations that accompany the presentation. Text of narrations is provided, if you are unable to listen to narrations. Instructions for installing and running the presentation are included in the file "Tutorial.htm", which is on the CD.

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