Contents of ISWCR (Vol. 4, No.4, 2016)
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International Soil and Water Conservation Research

Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 237-314(Dec. 2016)



Use of the Nitrogen Index to assess nitrate leaching and water drainage from plastic-mulched horticultural cropping systems of Florida

Pages 237-244

Edilene C.S. Marchi, Lincoln Zotarelli, Jorge A. Delgado, Diane L. Rowland, Giuliano Marchi

On-farm gains and losses of soil organic carbon in terrestrial hydrological pathways: A review of empirical research

Pages 245-259

Gunasekhar Nachimuthu, Nilantha Hulugalle

Understanding the attitudes and practices of paddy farmers for enhancing soil and water conservation in Northern Iran

Pages 260-266

Dariush Ashoori, Asghar Bagheri, Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari, Anastasios Michailidis

Effect of land cover on channel form adjustment of headwater streams in a lateritic belt of West Bengal (India)

Pages 267-277

Suvendu Roy, Abhay Sankar Sahu

Understanding the spatial distribution of hydrologic sensitive areas in the landscape using soil topographic index approach

Pages 278-283

Yiwen Wu, Subhasis Giri, Zeyuan Qiu

Assessment of spatial and seasonal water quality variation of Oum Er Rbia River (Morocco) using multivariate statistical techniques

Pages 284-292

Ahmed Barakat, Mohamed El Baghdadi, Jamila Rais, Brahim Aghezzaf, Mohamed Slassi

Spatial distribution of heavy metals in the middle nile delta of Egypt

Pages 293-303

Mohamed S. Shokr, Ahmed A. El Baroudy, Michael A. Fullen, Talaat R. El-beshbeshy, Ali R. Ramadan, A. Abd El Halim, Antonio J.T. Guerra, Maria C.O. Jorge

Civil-GIS incorporated approach for water resource management in a developed catchment for urban-geomorphic sustainability: Tallowa Dam, southeastern Australia

Pages 304-313

Ali K.M. Al-Nasrawi, Brian G. Jones, Yasir M. Alyazichi, Sarah M. Hamylton, Mohammed T. Jameel, Ali Faraj Hammadi

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