Workshop on International Sediment Advancements (WISA) organized in Stuttgart
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A Workshop on International Sediment Advancements (WISA) was held on September 20, 2016, during the 13th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (ISRS 2016) held in Stuttgart, Germany. The Workshop was an inter-organizational event aimed at disseminating more widely recent progress and advances associated with different scientific associations and organizations active within the field of sediment research and management. These associations and organizations included WASER, IAHR, IAHS, ISI (International Sediment Initiative) and CONSOWA.

The workshop included the following presentations and a Plenary Discussion.

Hydraulic, Morphological and Biological Interactions in Sediment

Management, by Prof. G. Di Silvio, WASER;

Eco-sedimentology: A new area in sediment studies, by Prof. Z. Wang, IAHR;

Changing perspectives on the suspended load of rivers, by Prof. D. Walling, IAHS;

Hydrological processes in soils of sloping lands as a basis for sediment production and sediment yield, by Prof. I. Pla Sentis, CONSOWA;

Developments in reservoir sediment management, by Prof. R. Hotchkiss, UNESO ISI;

Influence of morphological changes on ecology: a cascade of scales, by Prof. S. Wieprecht, LOC;

A hydro-, morpho-, bio-dynamic model for long-term, basin-scale river simulations, by Prof.

G. Di Silvio, WASER




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